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Sr. No. Name Designation Email id
1 K. Krishan Chairman chairman.scgj@gmail.com, kkrishan1951@gmail.com
2 Dr. Praveen Saxena Chief Executive Officer ceogreenjobs@gmail.com
3 Dr. Parveen Dhamija Advisor pdhamija.greenjobs@gmail.com
4 Mr. Arpit Sharma Head Assessment and Assurance assessment.greenjobs@gmail.com
5 Mr. Tanmay Bishnoi Head Standards & Research , Capacity Building Lead - World Bank Suprabha TA Program tanmay@sscgj.in
6 Mr. Sangeeta Patra Head Marketing and Partnerships mktg.greenjobs@gmail.com 
7 Mr. Arpo Mukherjee  Manager Projects arpo@sscgj.in , arpo.greenjobs@gmail.com
8 Mr. Niranjan Khatri Senior Consultant – Sustainable Lifestyles
9 Ajit Kumar Samanta Accounts Officer finance.greenjobs@gmail.com 
10 Prashant Wadhwa Officer - Assessment & Assurance prashant.greenjobs@gmail.com 
11 Girish Balasubramanyam Consultant girish@sscgj.in 
12 Kamal Saxena IT- Executive kamal@sscgj.in 
13 Vibhash Trivedi Assessment Associate vibhash.greenjobs@gmail.com 
14 Sarvesh Pratap Mall Technical Associate sarveshpratapmall@outlook.com
15 Sonia Parashar Associate sonia@sscgj.in
16 Abhishek Dalal Associate abhishek.greenjobs@gmail.com
17 Ankur Sood Associate ankur.greenjobs@gmail.com
18 Manohar Ray Office Assistant office.manohar@gmail.com
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